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YOONIST was founded by Hyun Jue, our Founder/Creative Director, with a vision to bring together traditional and contemporary materials in her designs. It serves as a bridge between Hyun Jue's Korean heritage and the cultures she experienced growing up.

The YOONIST design language revolves around capsule pieces characterized by sleek silhouettes combined with the delicate elegance of Korean hanbok fabric. Each design has been thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly integrate with your existing wardrobe, extending the lifespan of your clothing. The pieces showcase the use of oksa, a traditional silk fabric used in Korean hanbok, which harmoniously juxtaposes with Swiss engineered Riri zippers. This fusion of contemporary hardware and the timeless elegance of the hanbok fabric exemplifies the artistry of Korean craftsmanship. The oksa material is subtly incorporated throughout the garments, allowing wearers to carry a piece of Korean heritage close to their body.

YOONIST was launched in August 2022 and is based in Singapore, while its pieces are manufactured in Seoul.


Our founder, Hyun Jue, pursued her fashion education at the London College of Fashion and Instituto Marangoni in London. Born in Amsterdam to a Korean family that moved to the Netherlands in the 1970s, she developed a deep connection with Dutch culture while maintaining her Korean heritage. Living in cities such as Muscat, London, and Singapore, she gained a profound understanding of diverse cultures and developed an appreciation for various aesthetics and art forms from around the world. Her frequent travels sparked Hyun Jue's exploration of the concept of home, which became a transient notion as she moved between different cities. The meaning of home transformed into a feeling—an attachment to specific moments that translated into objects imbued with emotional value. Over time, this evolved into clothing.

"Wearing hanbok in foreign countries during traditional Korean holidays evokes vivid memories and feelings of warmth, comfort, and belonging."

YOONIST's designs aim to create garments that forge sentimental attachments and generate beautiful memories with emotional significance.

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